Why Give?

"For me Surfrider Foundation is a way to give something back to the ocean."

Andrea Torn
Beach Representative

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We are ALL responsible for the upkeep and protection of the community’s beautiful coastline. Ericeira is now a World Wave Reserve heritage site. Whether someone has lived in Ericeira for decades or is just visiting it for the first time, it’s probably obvious just how beautiful this place is. The Portuguese economy thrives on tourism from local and international visitors alike, so keeping the country and its waters clean is an absolute necessity.

But for those who live in the area, a clean environment does more than just boost the tourism industry. It helps protect the resources people rely on to survive and enjoy their lives. The use of plastic has risen in recent years, and traces are now found in local wildlife and in some percentage of the food caught and consumed locally.

Everyone plays a role

Local fisherman, who make their livelihood from the waters of Ericeira, unintentionally hurt their industry’s future by choosing to use plastics and other materials to haul in their catch.

Locals and tourists inadvetertedly harm the community they care greatly for when leaving their rubbish out in plain sight.

Even surfers, who arguably love and enjoy the water and beaches of Ericeira as much as any group of people, unintentionally introduce petroleum into the ecosystem with their wetsuits and boards.

Choose to give back
By choosing to donate your time or money to Surfrider, you create awareness about our cause and help maintain Ericeira as one of the last paradises on earth. Surfrider loves the ocean and wants to protect it.
Why Give time?
Time is free and a simple and effective way is to contribute to Surfrider’s cause. Just committing to attend three beach cleans yearly can help greatly.
Why Give money?
Surfrider Ericeira is run on a voluntary basis and your contribution enables our team to pay for administration, travel expenses to and from beaches and merchandise. All is required for the running of an effective network of people.
Your gift matters

What does it mean to be a part of Surfrider? Think globally and act locally!

Surfrider is a global organization of likeminded people who share the same concerns with regards to the preservation of our world’s oceans and wildlife.

Become a member and help our Surfrider chapter come one step closer to its goal of safe beaches for all in the Ericeira community.

If you’re active on a local level, the impact you have generates noise to other chapters around the country, Europe and the world. We are all part of a huge team working toward a more sustainable future.

It is so important to give back in this short lifetime. Offer your time or money now to help Surfrider achieve its mission!

Being part of Surfrider Foundation is an honor. If we have the ability to contribute and educate or influence others positively in some way, then the dream of safe, clean beaches for all starts to seem very attainable.