Surfrider and Skeletonsea live painting @ Ouiriço

May 4, 2013

Surfrider Foundation Ericeira e Skeleton Sea convidam-te para a realização de pinturas na     fachada da discoteca Ouriço na Ericeira. Junta-te a nós de dia 11 até dia 17 de Maio para deixar a tua marca “ambiental!   Surfrider Foundation Ericeira and Skeleton Sea invite you to perform paintings on the facade of Ouriço… Read more »

São Julião beach cleaning, great success!!!

March 10, 2013

Excellent yesterday 09/03 at São Julião beach during the cleaning event organized by Surfrider Fondation Ericeira. About 40 people partecipated with a lot of passion and team spirit!!! All togheter be collect 12 x 250 ltr bags (approx 2500 lts) actual in 90 mins. We want to thanks all the volunteers, beach reps, São Julião locals, CoastWatch Portugal and Christian Surfers… Read more »

What’s Destroying Our Coasts – Photo Gallery

January 24, 2013

As keepers of the coast, it is our inherent duty to protect and defend ecological development in Portugal. Over the years, industrial threats, such as plastic and rubber have washed up on our shores. All the while, the substances break down into digestible compounds and unfortunately end up inside the bellies of fish and seagulls… Read more »

Coastal Casualties

January 24, 2013

As we continue to scan the beaches, there are some images that cannot be erased from either our minds or our coasts. That is our fallen sea creatures. Unfortunately, the death of dolphins and other marine life are among the travesties we face daily in Ericeira. However there seems to be an ever growing problem… Read more »