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PortugalGov-BlogPicPortugal has been dealing with a terrible economic recession for quite some time, but now Europe’s western-most country has one more item to add to its list of worries.

As of January 2012, the European Court of Justice condemned the Portuguese government for having what is believed to be the poorest level of air quality of all European nations. In addition to appalling levels of pollutants in the air, Portugal is also in serious legal breach with the excessive level of environmental noise there is in the country, which is highly damaging to our health and quality of life.

This unsatisfactory sentiment over environmental conditions has also spilled into public health, in which there are currently no government regulations concerning inspections of air and water quality. This lack of government sanction has led to a surge in contamination of waterways and our oceans.

One of the most controversial pieces of legislation passed to date by the Portuguese government are those that directly threaten the ecological involvement of Portugal’s ENGO’s, or environment nongovernmental organization (which includes Surfrider Foundation Ericeira). Environmental laws protecting a number of reserves in the country have been modified to enable the growth in factories, mining and industrial activities that threaten the ecosystem. Additional laws passed prevent environmental non-profits like Surfrider from having much involvement.

There is no commentary from the government on these issues, but we believe that the mishandling of our environment is due to a lack of adequate environmental legislation and improper allocation of government resources.

As keepers of the coasts, its time we take caring for the environment into our own hands. There are several ways that you can aid Surfrider Ericeira as we combat the disappointing behavior of our government.

1. Petition our legislature for more proper environmental regulations.

2. Contact local Surfrider representatives on the beach nearest you to see how you can help clean the shore.

Unless we intervene, we will allow our government to neglect our environment and public health. Surfrider is on a mission to fight for our coasts and our community. Find out how to become a member.

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